Why do women wear plus-size tops?

Plus-size kaftan tops are popular with plus-size women for three main reasons; the comfortable size allows them to move freely without restriction and, at the same time, can hide the curvy upper body if required, and makes the woman feel beautiful and well-dressed.

A plus-size kaftan top made in a natural fabric will allow the wearer to feel less heat in the summer months, as a plus-size woman can feel the heat of summer much more than a smaller person. There is nothing clingy about a plus-size kaftan top as it is wider than a regular top, allowing for movement and airflow. The Claire Powell kaftan plus-size top neckline is not too low, which is very important to all plus-size women.

Claire Powell plus-size kaftans tops come in beautiful designs and colours to arouse all plus-size shoppers appealing to all skin colours and hair tones; the designs prints are available in pink to blue.

The plus-size kaftan top can be worn over pants or shorts; even a skirt looks great with the kaftan short top.